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I came home from work last Wednesday morning after my night shift. I was driving 5 miles through deep snow, but luck was all on the main roads. I parked the car on the drive locks down and hit with a barrage of snowballs from my wife Sue and Diane or a friend. Diane lives with her husband a few meters. safadas They had a lot of snowballs as I was completely covered. Before they could strike back, I stay at home. I smoothed out and stomped the snow from their boots before safadas entering the house. I was pretty wet, but I had a laugh with them before taking a shower. stpipped threw my clothes in the hamper and clothing. I got in, turned on the shower and began to shower. As I was lathering it starts until you get a hand to rub safadas the gel on my back felt, and then another pair of hands began to wash my legs. I washed the soap from my hair and face and saw that Sue and Diane were in the shower with me. I asked what they were doing ad Sue said that saving water. Before I knew what was going on Diane massaging my cock and balls rapidly increasing. Sue was stroking big tits Diane. They washed all the foam in front of us and then the two began to kiss and fondle me under the hot shower. I could not believe what happened, but I enjoyed it anyway. I put my arms around Sue and told her, feeling her tits safadas as Diane fell down and started kissing me. It was not much space, but did not stop there incase it was over. when Sue came up behind me and slowly masturbating my cock I turned around and Diane pulled her to my face. I pushed on his shoulders so that she bent at the waist. Sue then guided me very wet pussy Diane. Sue was beside me and I began to Snog, pushed his tongue in my mouth. I thought Diana 's hips and began to fuck slowly. I have long, slow breath as he struggled with Sue kissing my face off. I heard Diane moaned as I began to fuck her fasterand more difficult. My stomach was wet whacking against her ass and pussy, when I went for safadas it. Sue continued Snog and hold me when I have my last effort, I was beaten really Diane, when she ( hopefully) grating was joy. I felt the body shake and knees begin to bend, because at the safadas end of hard knocks past and shot my semen into the vagina grip here. Sue knelt down and licked the last drop of semen from my cock before reduction were lost in the shower. We had our last Snog shots, then went out and dried us. We had a cup of coffee and some cookies before I got dressed and went to bed still naked and excited. When I got up during the day Sue I would say what he did that day she just winked and smiled. What do you think ?
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